Attitude Adjustment

by Full Contact

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Debut EP Attitude Adjustment


released November 14, 2015



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Track Name: Full Contact
Track Name: Bottomfeeders
A world of sorrow, evident in anguish
Creations of greed I relinquish
Mass graves created by leaders
Self absorbed, Bottom feeders

A bottom feeders what you'll always be, making fake accusations till you flee the scene, broken dreams and friendships cut short, for the ones that truly cared did you space a thought?
We treated you like family like one of our own, but when the times got tough, all the rats were fucking shown.
No respect no sense of value, some people need your trust to survive, but do you really need to lie cheat and make you feel alive

Trapped in a world, you despise, constantly being force fed lies
Dragged down, but still not broken
The rage inside of me has awoken
Hold tight, the memories that you possess, I'm not gonna live with a single regret, face reality your time is up, see the rage in my eyes, that's what's up!
Track Name: Enforcement
Reliant on the darkness that you use as a shield, to hide from the blade that I now wield, shrouded in misery you'll forever be
Invert the idols that blind your being

Contorted by your thoughts, a bullet to the brain is your only resort, six feet deep is where you'll dwell, or else I'll make your life a living hell

Living hell...

Your icons of dread can no longer protect you, their calls beckoning your name.
Searching for the light in a canopy of dark, no longer can you portion the blame
Portion the blame

Sorrow fear and lies are what you are built on, your last shred of hope won't last you long, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, cut the rope, and the the nose.

Take back what you've taken from me
You promised loyalty but all you have was deceit a checklist of sins and an empty lifeless soul, you said you wanted heaven all you wanted was control
Track Name: Caught Slippin'
A fake persona, a phony disguise
every word you speak, a deceitful lie
tough with your crew, on your ones you act sly
Keep my name out your mouth, you'll be in for a ride

I'm bored of living in a dead end town,
nothing positive, only drug fiends and clowns
the struggles real, fake friends everywhere
lying to your face, just pretending they care

Ya get caught slippin, exposed
I'll show you for what you really are,
make sure everybody knows

Track Name: Attitude Adjustment
Stuck in your ways I've had enough,
Talk any more shit and you'll get fucked up,
Wont retaliate, cos you're shook,
Your face says it all, I can read you like a book

I can see through all your bullshit and lies,
You can try to run, you can try to hide,
Think you've escaped the radar, but your futures bleak,
Unable to stand on your own two feet

In times like these only the realist remain,
Struggling to survive, pushing through the pain,
Refuse to resist their fickle ways,
We'll still be here for the brighter days

Our existence, nothing more than a scheme,
One to make their bank accounts gleam,
All these flawed intentions, I can see that your fake,
Cross my path again and I'll seal ya fate
Left alone to suffer, cycles of self pity
Feelin lonely because you've been exposed as a nitty,
Your stuck up ways have got to change,
You only come around when you see there's something to gain

Stuck in your ways I've had enough,
Talk any mmore shit and you'll get fucked up,
Wont retaliate, cos you're shook,
Your face says it all, I can read you like a book