Under Attack ft. Shutdown SCBD


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Recorded by Reece Hayden at Bay Ten Studios.


Ignorance is bliss, some people turn a blind eye, feels like im wired different cant idly stand by fragile minds, cant handle the truth, real recognize real and thats a chosen few.

A true warrior will always stand up for what he believes, might lose some friends and hurt a couple feelings thats the price you gotta pay and at the end of the day you'll be known as one of the real and not one of the fake.

Never been one to rant and rave never been one to switch it up and change, been keeping it real with my self since day, too many times ive had to cut loose ends. Snaked out and cheated by so called friends i feel to leng man down when i see them in my ends, stick it on a pussyole and all of his friends, you've fucked it now too late to make amends.

You'll never catch me talking to police, take to the streets to handle my beef, full contact your under attack by the boys in black nike ticks and air max.

Fake friends they ain't nothing to lose, heard it all before now I ain't buying it, it's the end of your days you fucking lying prick.

You think you know the game but I made all the rules, no one really gives a fuck what you do, born in ignorance, raised in turbulence, your sick tricks caused this face it

I'll go straight for the jugular and quit the fucking around, I'm through with fuckers like you trying to grind me down. If you've got something to say spit those words my way, I'll rip you piece from piece when I see you in the streets, show no remorse for banging man in the cheek, teach man a lesson for rolling like a chief. Full Contact we're ready for war, leave a man feeling sore when he gets bust in the jaw.

If you've got something to say, spit those words my fucking way.


released March 10, 2017



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